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Switch 2 Nature Bamboo

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Switch 2 Nature Indoor Plants

Switch 2 Nature Table Top Plants

REPLICA PLANTS & LANDSCAPES: Design & Installation

We specialize in natural garden landscaping & roof top gardens and offer a full design and installation service, transforming areas with a range of maintenance free green plants, which will make your surroundings lush green and natural. Some of our roof top installations have been particularly successful in screening unsightly equipment such as water towers, […]

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Corporate Gifting

"Be proactive with your social responsibility and encourage your employees and clients to grow their own trees."

With consumer awareness on environmental issues, companies are taking proactive steps in supporting green initiatives as a source of competitive advantage. Proactively supporting and undertaking green initiatives are now a part of global good governance practices. Companies are considering this "Go Green" aspect under Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), just to simply benefit our planet.

There's nothing like gifting or sharing plants to make your working or living place green- whether it be inside or outside. No matter what the size of your space, we have plants that can brighten up the space you have. Choose from low maintenance bamboos or perhaps a beautiful bonsai, and don't forget they make great last minute gifts too. You could even make your outdoors lush green with our popular growing sets of indoor and outdoor plants, which contain herbs you can grow on your window sill or in the kitchen, or to the office window, you entrance, the table top or to the place you wish to make green and alive. Make enquiries and requests, and we will get back to you with best picks suiting your needs.

Herbal Plant

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species, which is being used very effectively and frequently as herbal and medicinal plant from decades. The plant is being used widely in cosmetic and pharmaceutical indstries, having rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties.Aloe vera has been widely grown as an ornamental plant. The species is popular with modern gardeners […]


Ashwagandha is used as an herb in Ayurvedic Medicine, also known as “Withania Somnifera” or “Winter Cherry”. It’s a short plant growing 35 to 75 centimetes tall, with a orange-red fruit in centre.The plant’s long, brown, tuberous roots are used for medicinal purposes.In Ayurveda, the berries and leaves are applied externally to tumors, tubercular glands, […]

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves refers to the aromatic leaves of Cinnamomum Plant used in cooking for flavor and fragrance. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance. The leaves are often used to flavor soups, stews, braises or other cuisines.


Celery is used around the world as a vegetable for the crisp petiole (leaf stalk). The leaves are strongly flavoured and are used less often, either as a flavouring in soups and stews or as a dried herb.Celery sseds are widely used as pain killer medicines, and helps in weight loss diet plans.

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